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When I left Ireland at age 42, I underestimated how fragmented I would feel. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m very Irish!!! During this time I connected with many migrants from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, my heart really cracked open in way I had never felt or known before. A few months after landing in Berlin I met a storyteller, Chris Rogers, who made a little marionette from bits of driftwood. A week later I came down with a serious middle ear infection and while in a feverish haze, I wrote the story ‘Driftwood Man’. He knows what it is like to feel fragmented, lost, cut a drift, scared, lonely, he is the migrants, the travellers, all humans really because we are all travellers longing and searching for belonging. I love this little movie, it was made as usual with no money but tons and tons of heart and love, thank you Eva Josephine Bianca Martha, Kyle Ferguson, Shaun Nunutzi, Nina Hynes, Chris Rogers, Thomas George Haugh, and Richie Heffernan.


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