Storytelling is an integral part of who I am as an artist, and as a person. I am always telling stories, when I put a brush to paper, in my performances, and when I write down the tales that swim in my head.  To me it is about connecting my past and my present, it is about being in conversation with my ancestors and communicating deeper truths.

“I have a sense of urgency to “collect” the details of my family, particularly of my family. These details have somehow transformed into stories.
They are like ghosts to me, they make me feel connected to my ancestors, they’ve helped me heal some sad tales and for that I love them.”

The Boy With the Cape

Peter wore capes.

All kinds of capes. Everyday.

King capes, warrior capes, vampire capes, grim reaper capes, wizard capes.

His Nana made them on her sewing machine.

Peters favourite cape was his Dark Lord cape.

Peter felt powerful wearing his capes.

He could fight ferocious beasts,

battle his arch enemy,

smite scary giants,

hide from the All-Seeing Eye.